Reaching Real WealthWhat did you spend your first tooth-fairy coin on?  Sweets?  Join the club.  But what does ruining your dental health have to do with your chances to reach real wealth?

Achieving your financial goals requires long-term focus.  Your greatest enemy is lack of discipline, but for most adults today, financial self-discipline has never been taught as a priority.  Let’s go back to the tooth-fairy.

Tooth-fairy syndrome

When most children receive their first dental pay-day, they excitedly spend their fortune on something they desperately want—often sweets.  By the time they have their fifth or sixth wobbly tooth they’re well enough versed in the situation to start planning their next purchase before the tooth even falls out.

Consequently from the earliest age we are conditioned to associate money with spending, and spending with being happy.  Often, this ‘tooth-fairy syndrome’ is only reinforced through the years as we receive pocket money, gifts, and eventually our first real pay-check.

Many people go shopping when they’re feeling ‘down.’  We’ve been trained to subconsciously associate buying stuff with being happy.  But if you want to achieve real wealth, you need to maintain a long-term focus despite fluctuating circumstances.

You need to ‘re-wire’ your brain

Teach yourself that saving is a reward in itself.  Rather than earning money and being happy when you spend it, let the earning itself make you happy.

Open a new savings account and resolve to only ever draw money from it to promote your own financial freedom.  Every dollar that account grows by is a reward.

Set your eyes on the big goal.  Put a picture on the wall that epitomises what you want to achieve for yourself financially.  Whenever you’re feeling ‘down’ or tempted to go out and ‘splurge,’ look at that picture and imagine how good it will feel to reach that place.

Find ways to celebrate or relax without spending.  Enjoy being outside—that’s free.  Pop your own popcorn and watch a movie from your beanbag; go to the beach; share a bag of sweets… whatever lights your fire.  Re-wire your brain and enjoy your way to wealth.

Ready to set your long-term focus and move toward a wealthier future?  Let us help you reach your goals.

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