At Pinpoint Finance we specialise in Investor Finance solutions. Successful property investment is all about strategy, and knowing when, where, and what to buy is crucial to long term success. It’s the same with your finance. You need a finance structure that works for your strategy, minimises costs, and maximises flexibility so that you always have options as you strategise your way towards your goals.

The right loan structure for you will depend on your individual goals and circumstances, and getting the right advice is exceptionally important. At Pinpoint Finance this is what we do. We know the products, we know the structures, and all it takes is a meeting with us and we will create the right structure for your portfolio today and in the future.

At Pinpoint Finance we will work alongside your existing investment advisors and financial service providers such as accounts and insurance brokers to ensure the structures are appropriate, integrated, and optimised for you. Where appropriate, if you do not already have the advisors that you need, we will also refer you to Pinpoint Finance’s trusted advisors including financial planners, buyers’ advocates, tax accountants, wealth management specialists, solicitors, conveyancers, and other professionals on an as-needed basis.

Getting the right advice and implementing the best possible strategies are the best way to maximise your returns and minimise your risks when it comes to property investing. By working with us you can be confident that you will have successful professionals guiding you through every aspect of your journey to your financial goals.