As a home buyer or investor you spend enormous amounts of time researching and selecting your new home or investment, and then negotiate hard to get the best price possible… but even the best home or investment can wind up costing you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars more than it should have if you get the wrong loan product for your specific circumstances.

Don’t turn your new home or investment into a long-term regret! We can help you get the finance right to maximize cost effectiveness (saving you money) and ensure flexibility in the long-term (giving you options in the future).

Whether you’re building your investment portfolio, buying your first home, upgrading, renovating, or building from scratch, we offer tailored loan solutions for different needs and situations from a panel of over 30 different lenders who are all competing for your business. We promise we’ll Pinpoint the right loan for your specific financial situation.

Once we know exactly what your specific needs are we research every available option including loans from all the major banks ANZ, Westpac, NAB and Commonwealth along with other financial lending institutions including Macquarie, ING Direct, Bankwest, Citi, and numerous smaller institutions and second-tier lenders, to Pinpoint the very best product for you.