What’s the difference between a desktop, kerbside and full valuation?

investment, investment loan, investment finance

What’s the difference between a desktop, kerbside and full valuation? Desktop valuations Desktop valuations are done by the lender themselves using the median price of the suburb combined with median security. No inspection of the property is done. Generally this type of valuation is usually only utilised for properties in capital cities. Kerbside valuations Kerbside […]

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How to Decide Where to Buy an Investment Property

Investment Property Location

Location, location, location. The first thing most of us look at when selecting an investment property is its location, starting with which state, then suburb and street in the suburb, and finally which specific property in the street. If the property itself isn’t quite right, you can always renovate, but it’s not as easy to […]

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Can a Single Person Buy a House?

Property Success: An Investor's Mindset

Are you single and starting to think about buying your own home? Don’t wait for a knight, or lady, in shining armour to come along because obtaining a home loan while on a single income is possible. Of course, just as if you were part of a couple, your borrowing capacity will depend on your […]

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A New Year’s Resolution to Get Your Finances on Track

SMARTER New Year's Resolution

A new year looms and we’re all planning the changes we most desperately want to make in our lives. For a few weeks every year, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” is considered a legitimate conversation starter. Some of the most common resolutions in the Western world are: Get fitter Spend time with family Save money […]

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Why a Successful Business can need Financial Support

A Successful Business can need Finance

A profitable business is a successful business, right? Of course! A successful business Most businesses measure success by profitability. But no matter how positive your balance sheet looks at the end of each financial period, you could still find yourself in a sticky situation while you wait for those funds to come through. A sticky […]

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How to Find Great Tenants for Your Rental Property

Great Tenants

Investing in rental property and becoming a landlord may be a purely financial decision for you, or it could become a lifestyle choice. Either way, it is an adventure made easier when you have great tenants. There are dream tenants out there Dream tenants We’ve all heard horror stories about disaster tenants. They destroy your […]

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Are You Missing Out on a Vital Business Relationship?

A Vital Business Relationship

Every small business depends on relationship. You nurture your relationships with your customers, your staff, and your suppliers. But are you missing out on one vital business relationship? The finance need Small business in Australia needs finance to grow. That finance comes from finance providers. And those finance providers are often chosen by busy, hard-working […]

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Is Your Mortgage Like an Old Shoe?

Old Shoe Mortgage

Shoes are made for various purposes: protection, support, speed or elegance, to name just a few. The same goes for your mortgage, and it is important to choose the right one for your purpose. The perfect fit Let’s say you’re browsing your favourite shoe store and you find a stunning pair of heels at an […]

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First Home Buyer: Make Your Move

First Home Buyer

Home ownership in Australia has been dropping for years. More Aussies are renting, and expected to keep renting. But what does this mean for a first home buyer? Should you settle for a rental, too? First Home Buyer Here in Australia, the state governments offer many incentives to first home buyers. At the moment, every […]

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Your Savings Account: Choosing the Best

The Best Savings Account

How do you choose the best savings account? What should you be looking for? Savings accounts vs transaction accounts A savings account is different from your normal transaction account. You use your transaction account for everyday spending. But these days, you’ll be lucky to beat .01% interest on a transaction account balance, and that’s before […]

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