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Getting a mortgage while on paid maternity leave

pregnant, maternity leave

It’s not long now until you’re on maternity leave you’re probably wondering “has anyone been approved a home loan whilst being pregnant?” You have your birth plan organised, the baby’s room is prepared, painted, with a crib, change table and rocking chair set up, and the pram is sitting in the corner. You have a budget […]

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Can a Single Person Buy a House?

Property Success: An Investor's Mindset

Are you single and starting to think about buying your own home? Don’t wait for a knight, or lady, in shining armour to come along because obtaining a home loan while on a single income is possible. Of course, just as if you were part of a couple, your borrowing capacity will depend on your […]

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Is Your Mortgage Like an Old Shoe?

Old Shoe Mortgage

Shoes are made for various purposes: protection, support, speed or elegance, to name just a few. The same goes for your mortgage, and it is important to choose the right one for your purpose. The perfect fit Let’s say you’re browsing your favourite shoe store and you find a stunning pair of heels at an […]

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First Home Buyer: Make Your Move

First Home Buyer

Home ownership in Australia has been dropping for years. More Aussies are renting, and expected to keep renting. But what does this mean for a first home buyer? Should you settle for a rental, too? First Home Buyer Here in Australia, the state governments offer many incentives to first home buyers. At the moment, every […]

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DON’T Refinance: 4 Reasons NOT to Refinance

Don't Refinance Cross Colatoralise

Considering refinancing should be a part of your healthy mortgage diet. But, like good food, too much too often, or at the wrong times, can hurt you more than it helps. Here are four case where you might find it better if you DON’T refinance. 1 Interest-Rate Chasing, or, Too many, too often There are […]

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Refinancing: Reach Your Goal

Refinancing: Reach Your Goal

Debt. Mortgage. Interest. Home. Business. Credit Card. Refinancing. Debt Most people carry debt in some form. You have debt for a reason. Ultimately, you have a goal you want to achieve. Owning your home outright. Becoming a successful property investor. Enjoying a comfortable life. Running a profitable business. In order to reach these long-term goals, […]

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Refinancing Costs Revealed

Refinancing Costs

Refinancing can save you a lot of money over the life of your loan. But it isn’t always the right time to refinance. Understanding what refinancing costs can help you determine when to refinance, and when to stick with your current loan. Refinancing costs Here are some of the most common costs you may be […]

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Why Refinance? Make more of your money

Refinancing.  Everyone talks about it.  But what’s the big deal?  And why refinance, anyway? Do you have the best loan? Think back to when you first took out your home loan.  Did you simply walk into a bank and take the first loan on offer?  Or did you research, shop around, talk to professionals, and […]

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A Long-Term Refinance Plan

Long-Term Refinance Plan

Refinancing can be a great way to save money or get more value out of your loan.  But when you are thinking about refinancing, don’t just be looking for the lowest interest rate.  Make sure you have a long-term refinance plan. What do you want? Are you considering refinancing because you want a better interest […]

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How to Refinance and Re-Invest

Refinance to Re-Invest

One common reason people refinance is to access the equity they have locked up in their current mortgage.  With this equity, they can then re-invest, building their property portfolio. Access equity If you buy a property worth $400,000 and gradually pay down your loan until you only owe $100,000, you have $300,000 (75%) of equity […]

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