At Pinpoint Finance we are here to make a real difference, not just for our clients, but for those less fortunate as well.
That’s why social change is part of our business model, and are actively giving back to communities through the support of charities changing peoples lives for the better.

When you invest in your future, Pinpoint Finance helps improve your success and your family’s financial position, but you’re also helping to support women, girls, and women entrepreneurs in developing nations.

Our current giving partners


Kiva support locals in poorer communities to start their own businesses and get on their own two feet by providing micro-loans to budding entrepreneurs in second and third world countries. Traditional gift-based charity is fantastic, but it has significant limitations and ultimately the goal of all charity must be to empower people to help themselves. This is exactly what Kiva do. Entrepreneurs present their business case to potential financiers all over the world who then support them to start their own micro business, repay the loan in due course, and then the process can be repeated again for another budding entrepreneur. It’s a life-changing little bit of support which helps talented and creative people to change their lives and the lives of those around them.

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